Introducing ecoCombo™: The Packaging Industry’s First Post-Consumer Recycled Combo Program

Rohrer Corporation is in the final testing stages, leading up to the launch of ecoCombo™. This new program is the packaging industry’s first ...
Posted by Sarah Carson

Finding the Right Vendor Partner

Over my years in packaging, I have learned a lot from my customers. Finding the right vendor relationship is critically important. For many ...
Posted by Jacob Kiba

Solution Spotlight: Tear Resistant Cards

Many of our partners ask us to help enhance their product security through packaging. We recommend Tear Resistant paperboard packaging for a variety ...
Posted by Jeremy Selin

More Cookie-Cutter Shapes!

If you visit any drugstore or big box store, you will notice something about the packaging – nearly all of the blister cards are the same shape. A ...
Posted by Don Bubar

Solution Spotlight: ClubPak™

In an era of declining retail sales, the success of club stores stands out as an exception. Revenues for the the leader in this space, Costco, ...
Posted by Jeremy Selin

Solution Spotlight: rTouch™

Haptic marketing is one of the newest trends in consumer marketing. The power of touch can be very influential in consumers’ purchase decisions. 
Posted by Jeremy Selin